FAQ & Resources


  • How do I participate?
    • Read the Criteria on whether your Concept fits the goals of the Purple Prize.
  • Is the contest just for students?
    • No. Ages 14 and over are welcome and encouraged to participate.
  • Do I need to be a developer to participate?
    • No.
  • What stage of the project is eligible to enter?
    • For the 2016 Purple Prize Aloha ʻĀina Challenge, we encouraged ideas and/or concepts; existing prototypes or deployed technologies were ineligible to enter.
    • For the 2017 Purple Prize Waiwai Challenge, we are encouraging the submission of concepts and/or ideas as well as deployed technologies or existing prototypes.
  • How do I submit a Concept?
    • There are two ways to submit a concept:
      1. Click here and and complete the questionnaire as thoughtfully and thoroughly as possible.
      2. Email us at kokua@purplemaia.org and be sure to describe your idea and how it fits with each of the four criteria.
  • How do I form a team
    • Ask a friend. Find new friend. To be successful in this challenge, teams will need to have overlapping skill sets and perspectives that represent Hawaiʻi’s cultural and technical communities.
    • Email us kokua@purplemaia.org. We’ll do our best to connect you with a team that fits what you are looking for.
  •  When is Hōʻike or Demo Day
    • Hōʻike or Demo Day is tentatively planned for the fall of 2017
  • More questions?
    • email us at kokua [at] purplemaia.org

Technical Resources

  • Open AI – A open source toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms.
  • Amazon Machine Learing – Visualization tools and wizards to create machine learning models to make predictions
  • TextRazor – Natual Language Processing (NLP) API
  • Programmable Web – Resource for APIs, organized and searchable
  • How Dwindling Fish Stocks Go a Reprieve – Technology to organize and manage ‘ahupua’a
  • Wrap API – Build an API on top of any website
  • IBM Watson APIs – Cognitive computing features using IBM’s Watson
  • Papakilo Database – Various data sources pertaining to historically significant places, events, and documents in Hawaiʻiʻs history; managed by OHA.
  • Augmented Reality Products – Directory of live apps with AR as key feature
  • Kipuka Database – GIS map that links historic data sets to geographic locations reinforcing the concept of information embedded in the ‘āina, encoded in the wahi inoa.
  • Kumukahi – Resources for learning more about Hawaiian culture and practices
  • Mashape – Platform to access APIs and microservices
  • Product Hunt – Directory of APIs, including Google’s Cloud Vision, Microsoft’s AI
  • Cloudways – Managed Cloud Hosting

Below is a developing list of cultural and technical resources; this list will be continually updated.

General Resources

  • White House Fact Sheet. The President’s Climate Data Initiative: Empowering America’s Communities to Prepare for the Effects of Climate Change.
    • “Through his Climate Data Initiative, President Obama is calling for all hands on deck to unleash data and technology in ways that will make businesses and communities more resilient to climate change,” said John P. Holdren, President Obama’s Science Advisor. “The commitments being announced today answer that call by empowering the U.S. and global agricultural sectors with the tools and information needed to keep food systems strong and secure in a changing climate.”
  • Climate Data Initiative. Empowering America’s Agricultural Sector and Strengthening Food Resilience through the President’s Climate Data Initiative