Contest Info

We’re excited to see what kind of innovations can be developed when our community practitioners (tech and culture) come together. Provided below is essential information if you are interested in participating in the Waiwai Challenge.

If you need more information, visit the FAQs section or email us

Important Dates

  • Saturday, March 25th – Kickoff Day


  1. Review the Purple Prize Criteria. Note: Criteria weights are intended to be helpful and provide teams with insight as to what jurors may be looking for. Jurors have the discretion to assess projects against criteria holistically.
  2. This contest is open to new concepts; existing prototypes and deployed technologies (hardware or software) are not eligible, unless such derivative works introduce a new element of significant value.
  3. Interested teams will submit their Concepts for review.
  4. Each team must include a cultural practitioner or a member who is a representative of a community organization that the team is working with; that member and area of practice shall be listed on the team’s proposal.
  5. No limit to team size.
  6. No time minimum or maximum.
  7. Teams must commit to a monthly check-in schedule, including a one-pager that will succinctly address: What’s working, what’s not working, one cheehoo moment, any particularly interesting insights.